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This should be the first rule.

 The common sense for every pet's owner.

Your pets are your best friends and your constant companions.

Organic products are fantastic also for Pet's care.

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PugPui in the Thai language means furball.


Most of our products in PugPui line are inspired to our beautiful Pomeranian "whiskey," our furball.

He enjoys free chemical products with soapnuts for years already, and he seems to appreciate them.

Our products are not only for dogs but also for cats and horses. We dedicate our passion for all our "furballs" at home with this organic, 100% chemical free products.  Soap nuts also have a natural insect repellent property so not only will your pets be naturally cleaned they’ll be less likely to attract various pests such as fleas, ticks, and lice again. The natural antifungal properties of soap nuts are perfect for pets with skin irritations, rashes, and hot spots or unpleasant odours.

The soap nuts based liquid "Pet area cleaner" is also ideal for washing pet bedding and eliminate unfriendly odours.