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Other Uses Of Soapnuts

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

soapnuts uses and benefits
many uses of soapberries

· The skin of soapnuts can be used as a detergent for woollens and glass, and for paintings.

· This product also has antimicrobial properties that help in the treatment of contaminated soil.

· Soapnuts are also used for bleaching and polishing cardamoms.

· You may not know this, but soapnuts can be added to septic tanks to keep them germ-free.

· You can use soapnuts water to polish your old ornaments and make them shine like new.

· Use soapnut water to wash your dishes and cutlery. This will make them free of bacteria and clean the stray food particles with no extra effort.

· Soapnut water can also be used as a floor cleaner, which makes your house clean and bacteria-free. It can also be used to clean the bathroom and window panes of your home.

· Clean your old carpets and curtains with the help of soapnuts.

These berries also work as an excellent pesticide

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