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Shampoo for cats that love to be clean (which is why they're forever grooming themselves!) After rolling around in the grass or mucking about in the dirt, it's time for a bath! Cats are mostly with sensitive skin which makes essential oils and overpowering scents not welcome bath time. Our cat shampoo is both gently scented, free of chemicals fragrance, made with soapnuts and natural ingredients.

Directions: wash your cat with love , rub him/her fur until a nice white foam cover him/her, wait few second and enjoy rinse with clean water. Play a new game, is a fun time not a scary moment!

Cat Shampoo -Sensitive skin-300ml

  • Direction:

    Wet your kitty well. Dilute and apply enough shampoo to create a gentle lather. Massage shampoo deeply into the fur. Rinse thoroughly.

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