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Dry bath foam for cat with sensitive skin. This waterless foaming shampoo is a perfect solution to freshen up your cat, without the bath-time hassles. This easy-to-apply dry foam gently cleans, removes odour and hydrates its coat. The safe and formaldehyde-free formula makes is ideal for frequent use and does not affect flea and tick treatments.

Direction: Shake the bottle and squeeze the foam apply to dry hair and all areas not wet . Massage all over the body and then comb the hair as usual. You can use a cloth to wipe again. 

Organic dry foam for cats-150ml

  • 150ml/5fl.oz Easy to use,  our Cat waterless Shampoo soothes and moisturises dry skin and leaves your cat clean and soft. Our unique formula uses key natural ingredients, such as soapnuts(aka soapberries), pineapple extracts, essential oil and mangosteen juice to gently clean, condition, and moisturise your cat’s skin and coat. A quick and easy solution to groom your cat when they can’t (or won’t) do it themselves. No need to rinse the foam from the fur, which makes water averse cats happy. Safe to use with cats 12 weeks or older, and will not affect topical flea control products. Carefully formulated and recommended, the no-rinse foam shampoo and calming fragrance ensures a no fuss, relaxing spa day for your feline companion.

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