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This lightweight conditioning formula, designed for all hair types, conditions the hair and scalp adding softness and shine. Organic fruit extract proteins restore and strengthen, while the scents of our essential oils refresh and relax. Safe for color-treated hair. Sakura scented.

Daily Hair Conditioner-Sakura - 300ml

  • 300ml-10fl.oz

    The soapy texture of soapnut makes it an excellent ingredient in many hair care and skin care products all over the world. Vitamins A, D, E, and K found in this fruit are known to impart shine to your hair and make it smooth. Since soapnut is antimicrobial, it is an excellent option to cure bacterial and other scalp infections. Soapnuts are the best for hair growth. Hence, we used in our natural hair shampoos and conditioners. Soapnut is known to fight various problems affecting the scalp, including dandruff, tame dry and frizzy hair, condition it and make it more manageable. Soapnuts also detangle your hair so that it can easily be styled. The regular usage of Soapnuts hair wash can reduce split ends to a great extent.

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