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MASSAGE/BODY OIL aromatherapy

The many benefits of massage therapy span from pain relief to better sleep. Massage is a journey of discovery. Awaken the senses with touch and fragrance. Deep relaxation relieves the mind relieves tension, and experts blend holistic body treatment. Experience the power of actual aroma therapies from carefully selected ingredients.


Discover the paradise of smooth skin with the ultimate moisturising oil. Selected from the beautiful gardens of the Thai Islands, this blend of frangipani and coconut oils deeply nourishes and nourishes the skin. Restore calm and relax your mind. Reveals smooth skin. Soft to the touch and fragrant, it takes you close to the beach sore under the expert hands of a Thai masseur.

MASSAGE/BODY OIL aromatherapy- THAI GARDEN - 130m

  • range: Body Soothing

    Volume: 130ml

    size: Travel Size

    Directions: Pour a little into your hand. Warm between palms and massage into skin.

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