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A safe and natural multi-purpose cleaner that is naturally antibacterial and very effectively removes grease and grime from all washable surfaces to leave a deep streak-free shine. No need to rinse.

Direction of use:

Spray sparingly directly onto surface and wipe with a clean cloth. Buff with a soft cloth for a deep, streak-free shine on all hard surfaces. Maybe try in a spot that is not visible first, we never know, right?

We already tested but every house is different , like you.

Multi-surface cleaner-500ml

  • One of our best and effective products soon a best seller.

    The soapnuts concentrate extract blend with natural oils and plant-based ingredients make this multi-purpose spray smell good and clean very effectively while killing bacteria and germs. Soapnuts are recognized as anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and super-efficient with grime.

    Can be used on all types of surfaces including most fabrics. Just make sure you wipe down with water or rinse after spraying.

    Concentrated with a practical trigger spray - equivalent to 5 standard multi-purpose spray bottles.


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