MULTI-Wood and Leather

Our multi-surfaces spray does not compromise your family's health or pollute the environment. Derived from soapnuts and fruit juice concentrate and mineral ingredients. It uses Soapberries fruit shells which release saponin, turns grease and grime into soap with the effectiveness of the leading brands without the use of nasty chemicals such as d-limonene, ammonia or bleach. Best of all, our essential oil blends will leave your house smelling like a spring garden.


Directions: Use a microfibre cloth or paper tissue. Spray onto the surfaces typically found in the living room, sofa or dining room, do not wipe off immediately, leave for a minute. Maybe try in a spot that is not visible first, we never know, right? No more rubber gloves! Your hands will feel nourished and conditioned after use. We already tested but every house is different, like you.

Multi surface cleaner-Wood & Leather 500ml

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  • 500ml of organic product. Use everywhere with no worries.

    A highly effective, naturally scented spray for a fresh clean on all wood and leather surfaces including the delicate one. Soapnuts, Thai fruit and herbs extract ingredients including our famous Soapberry anti-bacterial and kaffir lime oil blend which mean our products smell like a perfume yet are effective at killing germs while you clean.

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