Who We Are

Luna Blu's resolute vision is to provide a comprehensive range of natural, health-focused, and non-toxic home and personal care products. From multi-surface sprays to hair and body care, we're committed to offering eco-friendly alternatives.

As a leading source for premium Sapindus Rarak (soapnuts) in Southeast Asia, we're constantly evolving. Our future plans include a natural skincare line, showcasing our dedication to alternatives to synthetic chemicals.

We aim to be your trusted source for products that align with your conscious choices, offering effective and sustainable alternatives that embody nature's integrity. Join us on a journey that combines home and personal care essentials with the power of nature.

Paolo Conselvan

With an impressive three decades of industry experience in the cleaning products sector, Paolo brings invaluable insights and a deep-rooted understanding of the market. His extensive network of relationships with branding and marketing agencies serves as a driving force behind the swift and impactful market penetration of our product line. Paolo's visionary approach guides us as we navigate the dynamic landscape of the industry.

Bulan Apiwong (Aoy)

Aoy's profound experience in cultivating relationships within the Thai market and her acumen in sales play a pivotal role in Luna Blu's journey. Her responsibilities extend to managing the outsourced production of our home cleaning line and personal care line. With a strategic partnership with an established cleaning and cosmetic product manufacturer, Aoy's leadership ensures the seamless realization of Luna Blu's offerings.

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